2015 Conference

2014 Conference- Korea | 2015 Conference Bahrain

In 2014 PIN’s International Conference was hosted in South Korea by three postsecondary institutions- Tongwon University, Ulsan College, and JEI University. In 2015 Bahrain Polytechnic hosted the International Conference in Bahrain.

Both conferences marked the first two times that the PIN Conference shifted to non-Western countries and cultures. Both conferences were noteworthy for focusing on postsecondary partnerships with business and industry (Samsung, Hyundai, Gulf Petroleum Industries Company, and Aluminium Bahrain) and for sharing cultural traditions with delegates and companions. In addition the 2014 Coference produced a document on the importance of technical-vocational education and training entitled “The Seoul Declaration.”

Professional and Organizational Development

Both the Bahrain PIN and the Korean PIN Conferences were also distinguished by their focus on professional and organizational development activities for the participants/delegates. In September, 2013, the PIN Executive Committee created a set of standing agenda items designed to broaden and deepen the learning experience for delegates/participants relative to improving their organizations and their leadership.

These activities draw on sharing the knowledge and experience of the delegates relative to innovative, high-impact institutional practices created to respond to challenges. Participants create action plans for themselves and their institutions prior to the conclusion of the conferences.